KONES 2017 Topics

The latest achievements in research, development and design of both compression-ignition and spark-ignition as well as other combustion engines (hybrids) with special attention to bio-fuels, ecology, injection and spray, fuel economy, combustion processes, mixture preparation, exhaust aftertreatment, particulars filters, thermodynamics and heat transfer, noise and acoustics, durability and reliability, new experimental methods, new materials (composite) and production technologies, tribology, engine parts, fuel and lubricants, other alternative fuels (including hydrogen), fuel cells and converters, electric drive standards, noise and vibration, diagnostics (OBD), catalysis, catalyst systems, fuels derived from plants and animals and agriculture engineering.

The Congress topics also include the problems of research, design and development for the different kinds of vehicles with a especial attention on new generation of vehicles, reliability and durability, servicing and maintenance, recycle engineering, safety, environment protection, air pollution control, as well human and nature ecology, law and social aspects of environment protection, simulation and modelling. The objects of the Congress are the problems of land, sea and air vehicles with a particular regard on connection with powertrain, ecology, safety, simulation and modelling.